After almost 150 years in business as one of Malta’s leading importers and distributors of wines, spirits, food and confectionery, P. Cutajar has unveiled its first own food brand: Olly’s Premium Eats.

Olly’s is a family of twelve frozen premium meat products created especially for the Maltese market: Angus XXL burgers, beef burgers, mini-burgers, chicken burgers, chicken fingers, chicken nuggets, pork rib burgers, cevapcici, salmon burgers, pulled chicken, pulled beef and pulled pork.

Our products are made of real, premium meat. The chicken fingers, for example, are made from real chicken breast except for the crust. It’s healthy, tasty and convenient food you can feed your family with your mind at rest.

Our star product is the Angus XXL burger, which, is all beef and no bull: a 14cm 100% premium Angus beef patty you can cook yourself that will rival any gourmet burger outlet. These burgers contain no added spices or flavours and are produced simply from top-quality Austrian meat.

All Olly’s products are available in Malta and Gozo.


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